Mans BestFriend

There has never been a day where he failed to cheer me up and paint a smile on my face. He teaches me to love u uncondictionaly . He loves me for who I am, accepts me for who i am and appreciates my existence; my bestfriend:my dog-Ghost. Yes he drives me crazy, chews up everything and extremely extremely naughty yet cant imagine day without him, i would rather wear chewed up shoes. Bless his silly soul.


Funny Money

I staged a play called funny money; it was one of the best plays I have ever acted in and also an amazing experience. My cast consist of students from different grades and my best friend- salik. I got to learn so much from different people and made some friends. I would love going for rehearsals after school because despite everything that has happen during the day, when I’m acting nothing matters, all my problems seem to disappear, I have a total different mind set and I’m just a different character in a different world. I had of the best cast and drama teacher, I got to know the people in my cast and I look up to some of them, they all seemed very interesting and nice and they gave me the best 6 months ever.

Your Energy, You’re Energy

In the dog world you’re nothing but energy, in the human world you can be judged based on your job, gender, race, who you know, who your friends are. This is why dogs are so much better but your energy still matters because when walk into to a room people can feel your vibes if they are positive or not. You will never atchive anything with a negative energy. Having a positive energy not only helps you but the people around you, it influences their energy. A positive helps you build healthy relationships and increases your self-esteem as well as your self-confidence. It helps you focus on what’s important and helps you see the good in bad people and bad in good people, as soon as you change your energy you will see yourself becoming a happier and better person not only that but your life also worth living. Having a calm and assertive energy also helps you get control over yourselves. To establish this you must exercise your mentally and physical, also look at life in a positive way, but yes life always can’t be full of rainbows and sunshine. Having a positive energy will help you get over things faster and also learn from them. Do what makes you happy, be with people who make you happy. Live the life you love and love the life you live. Have a positive Friday.

Why I’m Not “Good People”

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I’m not a nice person.

I’m not a good person.

I’m not a kind person.

This isn’t to say that I don’t ever try to be any of these three things.  I do, especially the last two.

It’s more to say that, for me, surviving in this cissexist, racist, ableist, heteronormative, classist, often fucked up world of ours has involved rejecting the idea that “good” and “bad” are static states of being.  I will never be a “good person” because, to me, “good” is not something that you achieve.  It’s an ongoing process that never ends.

It is, in fact, almost impossible not to be doing bad things as well as good when you are human and therefore flawed.  Especially when you are part of a messed up system, as we all are.

This, to me, is why it’s important to call out bad behavior, or hurtful language, or even…

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We take what doesn’t belong to us

 We were all created equal but some of us believe we are more important then animals just because our brains are me1c4b51d8b76d773fd3bff1f34abecd0ore ” developed” we think we think we have the right to take what doesn’t belong to us;  animal fur. People fail to see animals too have a right of freedom and we have no rezone or right to take it away from them. We must speak for those who cant for themselves.

Who I Am and Who I Choose to be

I am born and living in the heart of Kenya. Im born into a indian family.  Writing and Acting Aren’t my hobbies, they are passion. I own one German Shepard named ‘ Ghost’ he is 4 months and he is my favourite. I see the world positively but yet I don’t ignore the negatives.  If you don’t fail you don’t learn but what really matters is ; never to give up because you cant have a rainbow with out a little rain. I believe what counts most is your Energy because  every thing around us is made up of energy. To attract positive things in your live start by giving off positive energy.The energy of the mind  is the essence of being alive.

Why I Started Blogging

I use to blog way before it was cool. A secret Diary. But then what was the point if people don’t read it. I decided blog simply because it brings satisfaction. What will I blog about ? Anything in general from the latest trends to Dog Phycology. I will talk about things that are over rated or under rated. Expect to find blogs about literally anything. I motivate and inspire. Theres so much people don’t know or simply understand or misunderstand, even about themselves which is why I choose to blog so I can express my opinions.

Stay Happy and Keep Positive

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